Episode 30 - We Heart Tiffany and Luke

West Michigan Nice

In the first of three episodes recorded in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Jim, John, and Peggy talk to local podcasters Luke Ferris and Tiffany Szakel of the I Heart Grand Rapids podcast.  What happens when the very nice (I Heart Grand Rapids) meets the sometimes-not-so-very-nice (Two Guys In Search of an Argument)?  Find out as the two sets of podcasters compare notes on podcasting, scrutinize the virtues of Grand Rapids, and explore the subtleties of western Michigan Nice.  And Peg's dogs are there too.


Tiffany Szakal: Tiffany is a business owner and passionate about people, places and spaces. She's a full-time mom, real estate professional, and Grand Rapids enthusiast. Tiffany landed in Grand Rapids, Michigan in a blizzard as the recession was hitting.  A literal lake effect snow blizzard in 2008.  What an introduction to West Michigan.  But at that time something else was happening in GR. It was also the first year of ArtPrize and the beginning of a city level shift to an art-centric, creative thinking, tech, craft beer, and coffee culture HUB in the Midwest. This city is like non-other which is why she chose highlight it, capturing the conversations happening around town, showcasing it's development and idea-sharing around the struggles we are still facing.

Luke Ferris: Luke is a passionate storyteller. He believes that stories motivate, create change and lead people towards truth. Most importantly, he loves hearing and telling stories about his home city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. When he's not podcasting, he's working in non-profit communications, watching a film, consuming music, or reading books at Sparrows Teahouse with his wife. 


Jim, Peg and John return in a fortnight for more easy-listening story-telling news-chattering talk. 

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